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I tried to send this out last month but it must have been during the time the listserv was down and before the e-mail address changed.  Prevent Child Abuse Utah will also be doing a workshop at summer conference. I hope this is a helpful resource to others.

Monique Nielsen
Family and Consumer Sciences
Highland High School
(801)484-4343 ext. 4108

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For anyone who teaches about child abuse (Early Childhood, Child Development, Adult Roles) I found a cool resource yesterday.  I went to the Prevent Child Abuse Utah website (https://pcautah.org/) to look for updated and current statistics about child abuse for the lesson that I usually do in my Early Childhood I class and I noticed they have online courses for a variety of people, one of them being for secondary students (https://training.pcautah.org/login/pcau/teacher-student.php).  I went through the course which takes about 30 minutes.  It is interactive and is very well done in my opinon.   I created a note guide for students to fill in as they go thorough the course.  When they finish the training it will allow them to print a certificate of completion which I thought would be great to add to their resource file/CDA Portfolio and something they could include on a resume.  You could go through the course as a class or have them individually complete it if you have access to computers. You'll want headphones for each student if they are doing it individually.  The online course seems to be most applicable for Early Childhood students but could be used in several different classes where child abuse is discussed.
Their website has a lot of other great information and resources, so check it out if you are not already familiar with this organization.
Prevent Child Abuse Utah Login - training.pcautah.org<https://training.pcautah.org/login/pcau/teacher-student.php>
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse An Instructor Lead Online Course for Secondary Students. This is an Instructor lead online course that teaches secondary students how to protect children from sexual abuse, how to recognize signs that abuse is occurring and prevent it, how to receive abuse disclosures and who disclosures or concerns should be reported to.

pcautah.org - UPCOMING PCAU EVENTS<https://pcautah.org/>
In Utah, both boys and girls are sexually abused almost equally. Statistics indicate that 54% of reported child sexual abuse victims are girls and 46% are boys.
As a side note, If you are going through the course, around slide 16, the arrow to advance to the next slide stopped showing up to click on, but the arrow keys on the keyboard worked to advance the presentation.

Monique Nielsen
Family and Consumer Sciences
Highland High School
(801)484-4343 ext. 4108

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