[UtahFACS] "Teach Sewing Using Video" - My files were Deleted - Request!

Holly Hutchings HollyW at provo.edu
Mon May 13 12:46:08 MDT 2019

Hi Everyone,
Several years ago I taught a class at summer conference.  The Class was
called "Teaching Sewing using Video"
I had many teachers ask for my videos, so I took a list and I sent out
videos to those who wanted them.   When I changed schools, I was devastated
when all of my files on my computer accidentally got deleted, and I lost
all of my files.  They were able to restore about 50% of my files, but I'm
still working on restoring some important parts of them.  And they are
still in botched up pieces.  My question is this:  Is there anyone out
there who remembers this class that I taught? and If you remember it, are
you a person who requested Videos from me? and  If you remember this, and
you are one who requested videos, my next question is:  Do you have a copy
of the discs that I sent out?  If you do, I am willing to pay you to get
them back.  Could you please let me know if you have them, and if you are
willing to give me the discs back, or let me copy them, and so I can
restore my files.  I would love you forever and be your friend for life if
you help me!  Please message me back if you have them.  Thanks so much.


*Holly S. HutchingsProfessional Educator*

Dixon Middle School
*750 West 200 North*
*Provo, Utah 84601*

*Phone: 801-374-4980 ext. 1458*
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