[UtahFACS] Apparel Design 1-Strand 1

Bracken, Julie brackenj at ogdensd.org
Wed Aug 28 09:49:06 MDT 2019

Hi there I am looking for some new activities to teach Strand 1- Standard 1
in Apparel Design Production 1. This is where they are to identify soft
goods in the industry. I know there are links to 4 different websites
listed but only 1 of those 4 actually work and it is all about careers.

For another activity in strand 2 I have been thinking about, is one where I
pull out equipment and have each piece of equipment numbered then students
need to match the number with the name of that piece of equipment and its
function/use. Before I re-invent the wheel is there anybody who has done
something similar or has a list of equipment already typed up?

Julie Bracken
Ben Lomond High School
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