[UtahFACS] Fashion studio vocab responses

Christine Hodgson christine315 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 11:54:17 MDT 2019

Here's what I received:

I put the info into Quizlet.  Then I have the students do a pretest with
all the info from the standards.  It's actually the same review I use for
the state test.  If you go to Quizlet.com then search sharylschool you will
see my Fashion Studio State Test Review.  I will also print the vocabulary
on sheets and let the students cheat off of the sheet.  Hope this helps.

I don't teach that class, but last year for my foods classes I made a PPT
of the vocab and had the students make flash cards for them, about 3 per
day.  They kept them and periodically I checked them and gave quizzes on
the ones they had done so far and had them study them before the end of the
semester, and get checked off with parents for doing it.  Also, can be
added to Quizlet etc. for review.

Great ideas, still deciding what I am going to try this time around.

Christine Hodgson
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