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Good morning!

I wanted to share the information below in hopes that it will help explain the changes in categories.

In May 2019, the FCCLA Board of Directors approved to support a category restructure of Competitive Events.

Level 1 – through grade 8

Level 2 – grades 9-10

Level 3 – grades 11-12

The change to grade-level categories is an effort to increase consistency, remove barriers to competition, improve FCCLA programming and provide better alignment to Perkins V.

• Increase consistency- Grade levels are standardized and objective, but the terms “comprehensive” and “occupational” vary among states.

• Remove barriers to competition- Many new FCCLA Advisers are alternatively licensed teachers or have little to no FCCLA background. The former STAR Events model required pre-requisite knowledge of comprehensive vs. occupational affiliation types and ensuring affiliation type aligned to STAR Events categories. Advisers frequently requested changes in affiliation types for competition purposes. The new leveling model is quick and easy to understand and not attached to affiliation type.

• Programmatic improvements- Eventually, STAR Events will be scaffolded so that they resemble career pathways theory with more exploratory knowledge and skills for Level 1 and more challenging career-specific knowledge and skills for Level 3.

• Perkins V alignment- To remain relevant in Perkins V and beyond FCS is breaking down the notion of comprehensive vs. occupational. Leveling competitions on grade level further moves us as a profession away from the concept of a dualistic FCS program and advances our relevance and criticality in Career and Technical Education to supporting in-demand, high skill, and/or high wage career pathways.

Big thank you to Shauna Young for sharing this with me from the FCCLA facebook page.

Have a fantastic day!!

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