[UtahFACS] "Surgery students are book smart, but losing dexterity" article

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Oops, sorry.  I forgot to attach the links:
I am actually attaching several links.  There were about 8 articles that I








On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 1:07 PM Holly Hutchings <HollyW at provo.edu> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Welcome back or almost back for other districts that have not started
> yet!  I am feeling a urgent need to share this information with you all,
> and I hope many of you sewing teachers will share this information with
> your students.  It is a great read for first day of school, to establish
> the "WHY" should they learn to sew, or use their hands.  You can google
> more articles on this subject.  I did a google search and found 8+ articles
> on this subject.  We also need to share this information with our
> administrators, leaders, and people who think that cutting these programs
> is just fine.  Our kids need craftsmanship, as much as they need books.
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*Phone: 801-374-4980 ext. 1458*
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