[UtahFACS] "Surgery students are book smart, but losing dexterity" article

Holly Hutchings HollyW at provo.edu
Thu Aug 15 13:07:24 MDT 2019

Hi Everyone,
Welcome back or almost back for other districts that have not started yet!
I am feeling a urgent need to share this information with you all, and I
hope many of you sewing teachers will share this information with your
students.  It is a great read for first day of school, to establish the
"WHY" should they learn to sew, or use their hands.  You can google more
articles on this subject.  I did a google search and found 8+ articles on
this subject.  We also need to share this information with our
administrators, leaders, and people who think that cutting these programs
is just fine.  Our kids need craftsmanship, as much as they need books.


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