[UtahFACS] Two useful Free Tools

Janet Woodward janet.woodward at jordandistrict.org
Tue Aug 6 07:30:26 MDT 2019

Good morning FCS teachers.  I just discovered 2 tools you might want to use
this year in your class planning.

First of all, if you want to make or change your website,Google Sites has
been updated.  I used to use the old Google Sites format and didn't like
it.  The NEW one is nice, user friendly and eye appealing, and easy to use
and update..  There are some good tutorials online and on YouTube, but once
you start, it is pretty intuitive on what to do.  Let me know if you have
any questions or want to see mine.  By the way there are are several other
free and good Website formats for teachers, but I wanted to let you know
about this one too, since many of your have G Suite and gmail accounts
through your district anyway and they are connected.

2nd, especially Foods teachers,  If you want to compare nutrition
information, or just are curious about nutrition of your favorite recipes,
try out this FREE nutrition label maker.  It would be a perfect addition to
our Foods 1 Performance Objectives.  Either you can do the calculations, or
have your students do them.  It is very simple to change ingredients and
see the changes in the nutrients.Just put in the quantity and names of
ingredients and yield of the recipe and voila there is a label already
calculated for you.


School starts soon for most of us, so you might want to check these out
before you start in the classroom..

Janet Woodward
Bingham HS
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