[tforum] Call to register-UETN Tech Summit 2020 June 17-18. [An inaugural, virtual, online event]

Barry Bryson bbryson at uen.org
Wed May 20 18:12:19 MDT 2020

The 2020 UETN Tech Summit will be held June 17th – 18th, virtually

Registration remains open and is free of charge for attendees. Please register as soon as possible. We will need to close registration prior to the event so we can get instructions out. If you have already registered you will remain so and your fee will be refunded.

Register here:—> https://bit.ly/2TkKGAw<--

Format will be two AM half days of content with a virtual Exhibitor hall also open in the afternoon(s). The schedule is posted and subject to change as we work out the details. Unfortunately due to the virtual format and time constraints we have had to trim down content. If you made a proposal and are affected I will be in touch. Accordingly proposals and exhibitor signups have been closed.

Refer to summit.uen.org<http://summit.uen.org> for more information. If registering please use the link above or below, or here —>https://bit.ly/2TkKGAw<--

Register —> https://bit.ly/2TkKGAw<--

Thank you and we look forward to interacting with you in June.

Feel free to forward to anyone who would benefit by attending.

Questions can be addressed to myself or Cindy Najarro; cindy at uen.org<mailto:jhale at media.utah.edu>, 801.585.7790
Barry Bryson, CETL, ECSE
Chair — UETN Tech Summit
Associate Director — Network Planning and Technical Advocacy
the Utah Education and Telehealth Network


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