[tforum] Fwd: FW: [ddospilot] 9/20/17 DDoS Mitigation Service webinar, 3:30 ET

Joe Breen Joe.Breen at utah.edu
Thu Sep 14 17:02:40 MDT 2017

For those following security topics, there will be an info webinar on
Internet2's new DDoS service that campuses and groups can utilize (See
below info).  Might be of some interest...

  Univ of Utah Center for High Performance Computing
  801 550 9172

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Subject: FW: [ddospilot] 9/20/17 DDoS Mitigation Service webinar, 3:30 ET
To: "Joe.Breen at utah.edu" <Joe.Breen at utah.edu>

Hi Joe,

There’s a webinar on the DDoS service next week, details below.




Karl Newell

Cyberinfrastructure Security Engineer


520-344-0459 <(520)%20344-0459>

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*Subject: *[ddospilot] 9/20/17 DDoS Mitigation Service webinar, 3:30 ET


As many of you are aware, Internet2 is offering a cloud-based volumetric
DDoS Mitigation Service. We are working with Zenedge to provide this
service. Here is some information about the service:


To give you an opportunity to learn more about the service, we want to
invite you to a webinar on the Internet2 cloud-based volumetric DDoS
Mitigation Service. Internet2 and Zenedge will provide an overview of the
service and Zenedge staff will be available to address your technical
questions about the service. The webinar will be held on Wednesday,
September 20, 2017 at 3:30-4:30 ET. We hope that you will be able to join
us. This webinar requires an advance registration so please follow this
link to register and receive webinar details:


Please let me know what questions you have. Thanks.



Linda Roos

Sr Director, State and Regional Networks


lroos at internet2.edu

desk phone: 812-558-0615 <(812)%20558-0615>
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