[tforum] Internet2 Call for Papers - Please Help Define Requirements and Plan for Future Internet2 Infrastructure

Joe Breen Joe.Breen at utah.edu
Mon Oct 17 06:28:11 MDT 2016


Internet2 has put out a call for papers to help shape what the Internet2
national Research and Education network and services will look like for
2018-2023. See http://www.internet2.edu/blogs/detail/12231 for more details.

Internet2 is inviting all of its constituents (this means all of you) to
provide input on what y'all see as important in supporting the research,
academic, and university healthcare missions.  Examples might include:

* How I2 might work with vendors and constituents on a national DDoS
security service?
* How should Internet2 work with regional networks to provide more
efficient and advanced services in a coordinated way?
* How can Internet2, in conjunction with the regional networks, provide
better access to global resources in support of critical collaborations
* How Internet2 might enable data intensive collaborative research?  (i.e.
SDN APIs, telemetry, work with other National Research and Education
Networks in other countries, etc.)
* How Internet2 might evolve a persistent national cyberinfrastructure
testbed (compute/storage/network/security/Identity and Access) along with
* How Internet2 might manage bandwidth headroom and routing scenarios for
K-20 access to cloud vendors while simultaneously balancing headroom for
bursty data intensive science?
* How might Internet2 better enable distributed teaching and learning, and
the sharing of unique university instruments to the K-20 and general
* How might Internet2 better support the growing genomics research,
precision medicine (research and clinical), and distributed healthcare at a
national level in a secure and isolated fashion?  (subject to compliance,
legal, etc.)
* etc...

Please send out thoughts, questions, etc.

I will work to compile these ideas and input.

  Joe.Breen at utah.edu
  801 550 9172
  Univ of Utah Center for High Performance Computing
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