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FYI, this workshop might be of some interest...  --Joe

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Greetings All;

See below for an announcement on an upcoming workshop.  The organizers have
let me know that all are welcome to attend (not just those who self
identify as living in southern states).

Please relay any questions about the event to Jim Bottum (jb at clemson.edu).



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Subject: Southern Partnership in Advanced Networking (SPAN) Workshop
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Registration is now open for the Southern Partnership in Advanced
Networking (SPAN) workshop being held March 9-10 at the University of
Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. Colleges and universities from
across the Southeast are invited to participate in this workshop.
Particular to this workshop is a focus on colleges, universities, and
organizations in the state of Florida.

The SPAN project, funded through NSF’s regional CC*IIE program, partners
with colleges and universities across the Southeast to support the
increasingly critical role that access to distributed
data/computer-intensive infrastructure – both technical and human – is
playing in research and education endeavors across a wide range of

SPAN is a partnership between Clemson University, South Carolina State
University, Georgia State University and the University of Georgia that
is building a regional community of practitioners across the South that
supports next-generation networking.

In collaboration with Internet2 and ESNet, SPAN is offering this
workshop to facilitate discussions on topics such as network design,
network tools and performance, development of Campus Cyberinfrastructure
Plans, best practices in supporting researchers, high performance
computing, and promoting familiarity with advanced computing resources
at the regional and national level.

Registration and an early agenda (subject to change) is available
athttp://span-nsfgrant.rhcloud.com, and limited travel support is
available to support attendees’ travel to the event – including lodging
and mileage.

Please contact the principal investigator, Jim Bottum (jb at clemson.edu)
with any questions regarding the event.

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