[tforum] Network Measurement Metrics link and history of network measurement efforts link

Joe Breen joe.breen at utah.edu
Thu May 21 14:23:47 MDT 2015


For those who might be following network measurement, the following links
may be of interest....

perfSONAR network metrics  (active measurement of network infrastructure)

A Survey on Internet Performance Measurement Platforms and Related
Standardization Efforts

(Credit to Jason Zurawski of ESnet and Vaibhav Bajpai of Jacobs University
Bremen for the links)

The latter link is a very useful description of several performance
measurement tools/tool suites used over the past few years.

The former link is a description of basic metrics that perfSONAR measures.
The perfSONAR toolsuite is the de facto standard in the Research and
Education and government communities.  The adoption is growing rapidly as
various organizations have put additional sustained development efforts
into the tool suite.  Also, some official and a lot of ad-hoc development
is going into porting the tool suite to platforms such as the Raspberry Pi,
Beaglebone, Intel Nuc, Mirabox, Cubox, Gigabyte Brix, ECS Liva and other
small form factor ARM and Intel based devices.

CHPC uses the perfSONAR toolkit for ongoing network measurements and
troubleshooting with peer institutions and national labs.

A perfSONAR Deep Dive will be at Santa Cruz next month (June 18-19).:

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