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*OCTOBER 27-30, 2015 — Weber State Univeristy*

On behalf of the UtahSAINT Organization (https://www.utahsaint.org/), we
would like to officially announce the SAINTCON 2015 Conference.
Registration is now open and is available at:  *https://www.saintcon.org/

*SEATING IS LIMITED*Seating is limited, and is already on-track to be sold
out (600 seats max).  Also, we are going to be ordering badges very soon,
and there will be limited extras available.  Badges will be guaranteed to
anyone who registers before September 14th, after that, you take the chance
that you will not get a fully functional badge (if we run out of the extras
we're ordering).   We promise:  You will want a fully functional badge!
Keep in mind: REGISTRATION COSTS INCREASE after Sep 15.

*CONFERENCE COSTS*Although all costs associated with SAINTCON and providing
great content and fun activities continue to increase we are dedicated to
keeping the registration fee reasonable.  This year the conference fee is
$275.  This fee covers four days of the conference, great lunches each day,
plenty of drinks to keep you caffeinated and hydrated plus all conference
materials and supplies for all sessions.  This year’s conference equipment
is still under-wraps, but it is very cool and we are confident that you
will like it.  Every dollar we collect in registration fees goes toward
holding the conference and to benefit you, the attendees.

*VENUE INFORMATION*We are pleased to bring SAINTCON back to Ogden and to
work with Weber State University as the host. This will however likely be
our last year at this venue due to the growth of our conference. The main
conference events will be held in the Shepard Union Building Ballrooms, and
other areas close by.   We love the venue, but seating for this is
limited.  As noted above, we strongly encourage you to register early.
Parking arrangements will be similar to last year.  Parking permits will be
sent via EMAIL about a month prior to the beginning of the conference.

We're bringing workshops back to SAINTCON 2015.  Workshops are a great
opportunity to get hands-on instruction and lab time with industry
professionals for a variety of topics and skills.  Topics for this year
already include:
*Wireshark, PaloAlto Firewalls, Scripting, Malware Analysis, Systems
Hardening and Automation, Wireless, Software Defined Radio, and many other
We're continuing to accept workshop proposals, so we're confident that many
more will be offered.

Executives can often be overwhelmed if they attend a conference like
SAINTCON.  Not to worry, we have a plan for them too.   Each day, we will
have a number of sessions geared specifically to executives.  They include
legal discussions, process review, and many other areas which help manage
security issues at the higher levels of an organization.   Last year was
our trial run for the Executive Track, and this year we're making it even

Most people come to participate in the presentations.  This year we have
had a record number of submissions for presenters.   We have accepted many
of them, and even rejected some.  Our goal is to fill the conference with
the content that is meaningful and interesting to you.   We have some
incredible presenters, and continue to recruit exceptional talent.
Approved presentations have recently been posted to the SAINTCON website.

*LODGING AND ACCOMMODATIONS*You are responsible for your own lodging while
attending SAINTCON.  We will not be negotiating hotel rates this year. We
recommend that you start looking for rooms in the Greater Ogden Area.

For those who may find themselves in need of lodging help, or have lodging
challenges, we are aware of many people they are willing to split room
costs, share space, or would even offer up floor space if necessary.  For
those willing to Double-Up, or those needing a place to crash, please use
the Twitter HashTag #SAINTPOOR to coordinate and, of course you do this at
your own risk.

The Hackers Challenge game is an event at SAINTCON which has exploded in
popularity.  It's an opportunity for you to pit your skills in everything
from Trivia, to Systems Administration, Pen-testing; against your peers at
the conference.  It's exciting and provides a great opportunity for you to
learn new skills in the process.

Details for the Hackers Challenge game are closely guarded, but if you are
looking to a sneak peek into the game, we have pre-conference challenges
live and ready for you to work on.   We will continue to release more
challenges as we get closer to the conference.  Find these challenges at:

No information about this activity will be released before the conference,
except you should come ready to test your physical security penetration
testing skills!

*EXPANDED VILLAGES FOR 2015*Due to popular demand SAINTCON is extending the
village concept again this year.  Last year, many attendees enjoyed using
the village as a casual break-out area to interact with others, learn new
concepts, and work on projects at their own pace.  This year we will be
providing three villages for conference attendees. These are: Hardware
Hacking Village (HHV),  Lock Picking Village (LPV), the Hackers
Challenge Village (HCV), and new to for 2015 is our Wireless Hacking
Village (WHV).

*VILLAGE HHV*We will be expanding the Hardware Hacking Village in size and
seating capacity.  HHV is a place that you can come and work on hardware
projects.  As part of the conference, each attendee will be given a project
to complete.  This includes learning how to build, connect, and program
hardware.  We will be providing the equipment:  Soldering Irons, Solder,
etc. to make this possible.   You will be able to work on the provided
project, purchase projects during registration, or bring your own.
Hardware experts will be on-hand to assist as you with building,
connecting, and programing your hardware.

*VILLAGE LPV*This village is always a hit, and we are bringing it back for
2015.  This village provides attendees with hands-on training and
experience to develop your lock-picking skills.  This village offers a
casual, self-paced and proctor-lead environment.  Hourly demonstrations and
presentations will provide useful instruction, and attendees will have
plenty of time to practice.

*VILLAGE HCV*Although this was not an official event last year, a number of
individuals who played the Hackers Challenge Game got together to work
on some of the more challenging puzzles.  This proved to be a huge success,
allowing individuals to share hints, ideas, tools, and expertise in
different areas. Attendees have the opportunity to  share strengths and
learn from each other for the benefit of all. This year we are formalizing
this forum into the Hackers Challenge Village.   Solved puzzle walkthroughs
will be discussed by SAINTCON Game Masters. We will provide walkthroughs of
solved puzzles all throughout the conference.  More information on this
will be posted soon.

*VILLAGE WHV*New in 2015 we will be organizing a Wireless Hacking Village
(WHV) for all things RF.   In this village, we will demonstrating how to
use RF to your advantage, how to decode all sorts of wireless signals.
This includes:  Airplane Transponders, Pager Traffic, WiFi Hotspots, Garage
Openers, and so so so much more.

*REGISTRATION LINK*Go to *https://www.saintcon.org/

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

--SAINTCON Conference Committee

*Jeremy Cox*
Network & Infrastructure Manager, ISO

*Washington County School District*121 W Tabernacle - St. George - UT



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