[tforum] New IVC Site Certification and online form

Barry Bryson bbryson at uen.org
Wed Oct 23 13:18:54 MDT 2013


UEN has implemented a new IVC site Certification process.  Please see the information below.  We can discuss in our respective upcoming T-forums.


UEN IVC is pleased to announce our new Site Certification Online Form (SCOF) is now live and ready to use.  Developed over the last year, this automated form will provide us far better control and documentation of all new IVC site certifications, and easier management of re-certification at many levels.  This database will not only provide the Technical Service department with complete room documentation, it will also allow for better control of service contracts and hardware inventory management. The new SCOF system will more efficient and better allocate the  limited staff resources through its scheduling tool. It will also  automatically create a ticket in the UEN Quick Ticket system providing all support staff with a quick view of work-load and pending issues.
The system is now live and can be found on our UEN.org page at http://www.uen.org/distance_ed/forms/.  To access the form, simply click on the “Site Certification Request” link. We have tried to keep the process simple for everyone and submission of the form should take no more than 2 minutes.  Once the form is submitted, our new process will take over beginning with an e-mail reply confirming your certification day and time and the assigned Quick Ticket number that you can reference at any step along the way.  Our Tier 2 video engineers will then call the listed technical contact to walk through the certification process. Because of this new streamlined and automated process, we will no longer be able to take certification requests without a SCOF form submission. None of the previously established room requirements for a site certification or RE-certification have changed.  

Louie Valles

Please feel free to distribute this announcement to any and all. 


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