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Something of possible interest for those that follow the Research and
Education networks and collaborations with Primary and High Schools ( and
among those groups)...

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 Dear Colleagues:****

** **

*The Benefits of R&E Connectivity for Primary and High Schools*

In numerous countries around the world, connectivity for primary and/or
high schools is provided, directly or indirectly, by Research and Education
Networks. By using R&E connectivity, the ability of classroom teachers and
their students to interact with other schools and classes around the world
is greatly enhanced, by providing them with the reliability and bandwidth
required by collaboration tools such as videoconferencing. In addition, the
inclusion of Internet2 based applications that involve remote
instrumentation, the transfer of large data sets, remote visualization and
more can only be optimized over R&E networks.****

** **

Bringing students together in such methods can help break down cultural
barriers and bring about greater understanding among youngsters of other
peoples around the world.****

** **

*The Difficulties for Schools of Finding Project Partners around the World*

For teachers wishing to set up an e-exchange with another school elsewhere
in the world, it is not easy to find potential project partners. Often, the
ability to find a suitable class depends on the teacher already having a
connection, or even a little bit of luck. ****

** **

*A Solution?*

Over the past few months, the European R&E Network, GÉANT, the New York
State R&E Network, NYSERNet, and Internet2 have been looking at this issue
with a question as to whether there is a one-stop platform which would make
it easier for teachers to find other teachers interested in collaborating.
Two potential solutions have been found:****

•              www.etwinning.net: a schools platform funded by the European
Commission with tools to aid collaborations. At present, this site is
limited to Europe.****

•              CAPspace: a platform which provides the ability to search
for potential project partners with an alert system by e-mail to inform
members of projects they may be interested in. This platform is open to
schools all over the world.****

In addition, JANET is exploring possibilities of collaboration with the
British Council.****

** **

*Discussion of the Proposed Platforms and How to Promote Them*

We would like to invite anyone with an interest in enabling school teachers
to identify project partners around the world to a discussion about these
platforms, and what we can do to promote these tools and thereby contribute
to making a global schools village.****

** **

We would therefore like to invite you to a discussion by VC on:****

•              Thursday, 20th September 2012 at 16:00 CEST (10:00

** **

If you are interested in participating, please reply ASAP to Tom
Fryer, International
Relations, DANTE,  Tom.Fryer at dante.net and he will be in touch about VC
connection details and the agenda. If you do not have access to VC
facilities, JANET will provide a desktop download so that you can still
participate in the VC. It will also be possible to call into the VC by

** **

*We would also be very happy for you to forward this e-mail to any other
relevant organizations or individuals in your country would might be
interested in this discussion.* ****

** **

Please note, if you are unable to participate but are interested in this
area, please let us know and we will inform you of the meeting’s
conclusions after the event. If preferred, it may also be possible to
arrange a second VC with those not able to participate in the first
meeting, to share our conclusions.****

** **

We hope that this will be of interest to you and look forward to hearing
from you. ****

** **

Best regards,****

Tom Fryer ****
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