[tforum] HP Networking 100Gig and OpenFlow/SDN discussion

Joe Breen joe.breen at utah.edu
Mon Aug 27 23:41:53 MDT 2012


CHPC and the campus NOC are continuing to host some network vendor roadmap
discussions regarding 100Gig and OpenFlow. Thanks to those that
participated in the previous Dell/Force10 discussion regarding 100Gig and
OpenFlow/Software Defined Networking (SDN).  The next vendor that will be
presenting is HP Networking
on Tue. September 4 from 1pm-3pm at INSCC Rm 407.  The topics are
specifically covering 100Gigabit support, OpenFlow, BGP Null Routing with
IPv6, general support of IPv6 for all network aspects and other network
topics germane to the vendor platform.  These discussions are for
information purposes and focus around the University performance/science
DMZ*.  Anyone that would like to join these discussions, please let me

If anyone has specific feature or functionality questions, please let me

* Definition: Performance/Science Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - segment of
backbone that allows for different security, performance,
amortization, andnetwork flow characteristics.  The ideas come from
Dept of Energy
and national labs - http://fasterdata.es.net/fasterdata/science-dmz/  The
National Science Foundation and other government funding agencies are
backing these ideas with real dollars in order to enable the research
communities to effectively collaborate and move large data sets and unique
network flows.
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