[tforum] President Obama's Live Speech to Students (wed)

Troy Jessup tj at uen.org
Tue Sep 27 16:17:26 MDT 2011

Educators, District, and Technology Staff,

This week, President Obama will be offering his annual address to the students of the country.  Like last year, this event is primarily being carried over internet stream.  Many schools are planning on watching it live, and others have made arrangements to watch it later.

During this event last year, we saw a significant increase in network utilization.  The feedback from the various education entities throughout the state was mixed.  Some had a good experience and others had difficulty in carrying the speech live.

I think one of the difficulties we face is that it is still unclear what the video quality/codec/bit-rate that the live stream will be using.   We are confident that the UEN backbone will handle the traffic, but some recent testing by Canyons School District does bring up some concerns for school districts wishing to carry it live in every classroom in the district (specifically talking about larger districts).

We would like to offer some suggestions to make this experience for our students possible, and reduce the chances of a bad experience:

1. - We recommend that where it is feasible, that students be grouped together in large classrooms or auditoriums and the feed for the speech be presented with a projector.  
1a. - Where it is less feasible to gather everyone together, we would recommend that a single stream be established in classrooms which are enabled with projectors and sound equipment capable of offering this stream.
2. - We specifically recommend that you avoid attempting to stream this event to large sets of computers in labs etc.  This has the highest likelihood of causing issues with others at the schools from being able to have a good experience.
3. - Delay the event until after the Live feed, and watch it from the whitehouse.gov video archive after the event. (not sure how soon its posted).
4. - CSPAN may also carry the event live, and could be another source for the content (unconfirmed).

We will be monitoring the network closely during this event, and appreciate all of your feedback so far.  We appreciate the work and testing performed by Canyons School District in recent days, and their willingness to provide those results to the entire state.

Questions or comments,  Please let us know.


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