[tforum] Presidential Address to Students - UPDATE

Troy Jessup tj at uen.org
Tue Sep 14 09:57:09 MDT 2010


I'm sure you are all aware of the Presidential Address to school students event occurring today.  It will begin at 11:00a MDT.  The purpose of this email is to give the latest update on the potential impact this will have on network resources.  We have heard from MANY sites planning on carrying this event live.

This stream is available Live from the http://www.whitehouse.gov/live website.  We have also learned that the stream will be distributed this year using the Akamai network.  This means that the stream should be cleaner than last year's event.  We are told that an Archive stream will also be available shortly after the event in the event the timeframe does not work for you to watch it live.

We continue to recommend that you do not congest your networks by having entire computer labs all streaming the event at the same time.  This may be possible without impact, but should be avoided.

In the event you experience network issues, we are told that CNN, MSNBC, and CSPAN will also be covering the event Live for those of you with Cable TV capability in the schools.

We will be watching this event closely, and everything on the backbone indicates that we are ready for this event.

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