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There have been a lot of concerns and questions regarding the upcoming speech by President Barack Obama to the students of Utah next Tuesday.  UEN has had a lot of discussion regarding this event, its impact on the network, and ways to ensure you have a good experience with streaming.

The stream is expected to be available at the following URL:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/live at 1p Eastern
Current Information about the event can be found at:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/back-to-school

This year, the expectation is that this event will be carried in many more schools throughout the State than it was last year.  During this event last year, the UEN backbone was easily able to handle the sharp increase of bandwidth.  We expect that this year, even with the increases in demand that the UEN backbone will easily handle the traffic.

Our greatest concern with this event is that there are still no details regarding how the stream will be distributed by the White House.  We have contacted the WhiteHouse Press office and at this time there are no details regarding the stream, its capacity, or if it will be broadcast on any of the major news outlets.  We anticipate that if the stream is more popular this year, that the streaming servers could become congested.

We are also concerned about potential distribution platform issues within customer networks, and want to bring attention to the impact that multiple streams to a single site could potentially have.

At this point, it is unclear at best how stable the stream will be.  If there are issues, it will most likely be at the source of the stream and its capacity.  We will however monitor the network very closely, especially during this event and ensure that this traffic is optimized as possible.

When using the network to stream this event, please work to consolidate the viewing venues to as few as possible (1-2 Per School).  We recommend that you use a projector in a large meeting room wherever possible to accommodate as many viewers as possible.   PLEASE AVOID using entire computer labs and individual streams to each computer, this has the potential to overwhelm some local networks and contributes the the overall impact for everyone.

If the event is broadcast over the Air (which is still unclear), we recommend that you make the appropriate arrangements to use this method as either a primary or backup display for the live event where possible.

UEN is working toward acquiring a clean copy of the live event for re-broadcast on delay, or later in the day.  This option is still being worked on and there are many things which could make this option difficult, including licensing of content and re-broadcast restrictions, and potential impact on other production systems.  We will keep you up to date on this initiative, and let you know if we can somehow provide a local stream for this event.

--UEN Technical Services Management

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