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We are happy to announce the upcoming UtahSAINT Conference.  We have been planning and preparing for this conference for well over 6 months, and will be one of the best security training conferences we have ever had.

The UtahSAINT Conference will be held October 12-15th, 2010 at the Taylor Health Sciences Center of Dixie State College in St. George, Utah. This is the same location it was held at last year.

Due in most part to feedback from the membership, we have changed the structure of the conference to focus very heavily on useful training.  The training sessions provided at this conference have been planned to provide in-depth training and hands-on exercises.  We can promise that you will not only hear about a security topic during this conference, but will receive comprehensive training on it as well.

The costs for this conference have increased to cover the additional costs of workbooks/manuals and other tools and utilities required to provide the in-depth training necessary for a successful conference.  As usual, the registration fee's gathered for the conference cover just our direct costs and are as low as absolutely possible.  Additional expenses are subsidized by UEN.

The cost for the UtahSAINT Conference will be on 2 Tiers.  The base cost will be $135.00/person.  Attendees who would like to also have a hard-copy of the workbooks and materials will be charged an additional $25-30.  You will be able to choose to have a copy of the materials at the time of registration.  A Digital Copy of all materials will be provided at no cost at the base price.

Travel costs are your responsibility as usual.  We recommend that you stay in one of the hotels close to the venue.  The recommended hotels along with any special pricing will be displayed on the website as soon as those issues are finalized.  We encourage you to get your hotel arrangements worked out early, because the Sr. Olympic Games are held during the same timeframe and usually congest the number of available rooms.

Registration for the conference is now open to the public. To register, please visit the Conference Website at:  http://www.utahsaint.org/

Seating at the conference is limited, and with the huge growth in attention the UtahSAINT group and conference has received this past year, we expect seats to sell-out quickly.  Please plan on registering early.  The conference is limited to 150 participants (unless we make some arrangements we are working on happen). AT THE TIME OF THIS MESSAGE, THE CONFERENCE IS ALREADY OVER HALF FULL.

The agenda is being finalized and will be posted on the UtahSAINT Website in the next 2 days.  But the topics and trainings and briefings are outlined below for your review.  We hope that these trainings will provide you the training you need in their respective areas.


 *   IP Fundamentals - Troy Jessup
 *   Linux 101 - Matt Lorimer
 *   Security Fundamentals - Jeremy Cox
 *   Forensics - Dan Hooper
 *   Tactical Exploitation using Metaspl0it - Kelly Genessy
 *   Regular Expressions for the rest of us - Eldon Koyl
 *   DNSSec (Keynote Presentation) - Cricket Liu (This is the guy who helped write DNS/BIND)
 *   Using NMap (Advanced) - Troy Jessup
 *   Using Wireshark (Intermediate) - Troy Jessup
 *   Securing Web Applications - Cassidy Larson
 *   Using SNORT - Patrick Bergen
 *   Security for Executives and Administration - Jim Stewart
 *   Securing Ubuntu - Matt Lorimer
 *   Backtrack/Samari - Nate Henne
 *   Cross-Site Scripting and Cross-Site request Forgery - Kelly Genessy


 *   Social Engineering - Nate Henne
 *   Security Tools Overview (What we are using) - Troy and Kelly
 *   iPad Kung Fu - Kevin Howard
 *   Geotags and the Dangers in that arena - USU Folks
 *   Dangers of Social Networking - TBD
 *   Current Trends and Tactics - Troy Jessup
 *   Torpig/Mebroot Demystified - Troy Jessup


 *   Wii Hacking - Matt Lorimer
 *   Andriod Hacking - TBD
 *   Switchblade AGAIN - Kevin Howard
 *   Bootable USB Drives - Matt Lorimer
 *   Magical Netflow stuff - Troy Jessup

BULLPIN (If we can sneek them into the agenda)

 *   Smashing the Stack Training - Troy Jessup

Back by hugely popular demand, the Hackers Challenge game will be returning in the same basic format as last year.  It is guaranteed to provide you hours of brain-wracking pleasure and frustration.  We really hope you enjoy this game, and we hope to make it a tradition at UtahSAINT Conferences.

The UtahSAINT Conference has a "stary" theme this year, and we cannot think of anything more fun than to take one of the evenings and let people take a look through a variety of telescopes under the direction of a skilled amateur astronomer.  So come with you iPad and your cool Star Walk applications.

There are even more in the plans, for an enjoyable time at the Conference.  We will let you know what they are when the appropriate times arrive.

-- Troy Jessup
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