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Kelly Genessy kgenessy at uen.org
Tue Aug 17 11:46:55 MDT 2010


There has been a little bit of confusion in regards to our DNS Changes that I hope to clarify. We have NOT changed our Primary and Secondary DNS servers that you put into your workstation machines. NS and NS2 are still the same.

ns.uen.net<http://ns.uen.net/> =
ns2.uen.net<http://ns2.uen.net/> =

We have seen an abnormal amount of DNS queries for the other ip's that I have mentioned in previous emails. I won't mention the ip's here to avoid more confusion. No one should be pointing to these servers for name resolution. Please avoid doing this to help us keep our logs fairly clean. I may contact you if the logs hits continue.

The new ip's that we have been emailing about are our DNS Tools and Hidden Master. Those only should matter to you if you manager your own Primary DNS server. If you manage a Cache or Secondary server and get files from UEN you will set get those from ns.uen.net<http://ns.uen.net> and that should not change for you. Just make sure you flush your cache and restart your services to get new files.

I know i've sent some crazy long emails so I apologize about any confusion this has caused. Thanks!

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