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UEN Has completed it's migration process with success, however there are some minor hiccups. Please read carefully otherwise your DNS could possibly break if you do not.

ISSUE #1 - If UEN Manages your DNS but you have a secondary/cache/slave server READ ISSUE #1

Our Serial numbers on our zones have started over. This means if you have a secondary/cache server and we have allowed you to transfer zones off of our DNS servers. THIS AFFECTS YOU!!! You must flush your cache and restart your DNS services. If you do not do this your DNS will break one day. If our serial is lower than yours then the DNS will never update and eventually expire on your box.

ISSUE #2 - If YOU manage your own DNS but UEN is slave/secondary to you READ ISSUE#2

We had roughly 13 DNS servers fail in attempting to get zones on our new system. The majority of failures were REFUSALS. We have created a temporary work around to get these issues resolved however you need to act extremely fast in fixing this. All of the following entities are working great with our old system but not our new system. We will be emailing/calling and trying everything we can to assist the following entities in fixing the issues. If your name is on this list please contact us asap if we don't call you first.


**** Please assure you have opened tcp/udp port 53 for the following ip addresses., and
**** ALSO - Make sure these ip addresses are in your allow-transfer options within your DNS config. I am assuming this is most likely the cause of the refusals.

If you feel like you have resolved the issues we will need to schedule time to cut your DNS over to the new system. Most likely at night to avoid much downtime.

ISSUE#3 - If UEN Hosts your DNS and you log in to manage your DNS entries read ISSUE#3

First things First. PASSWORDS! We were able to migrate usernames but decided to NOT migrate passwords. We didn't feel good about cracking your passwords and moving them to the new system. You will have to email or call myself, Shawn Lyons (slyons at uen.org<mailto:slyons at uen.org>) or dns at uen.org<mailto:dns at uen.org> to receive your new password. We can also assist you and walk you through how to change the password.

User Interface - There is definitely a learning curve in the new UI. Some of the searching and scheduling can be bothersome to track down and understand. We have created some Global Smart Folders for everyone's account to assist you in getting started. We hope to release the Wiki soon and help you with guidance whenever you wish. We are also willing to come onsite if need be and train those who are interested. Due to time we may need to coordinate at a region level for this depending on interest.

The new DNS site is found at the following URL's

https://dns.uen.net - (If you use http it will redirect to https)
https://dns.uen.org - (If you use http it will redirect to https)

- ipv6 Names!
- Schedule a name change!
- Relational Database -  Ex. You can change a host with 100 cnames and they all convert to the new host!
- Recoverable Recycle bin - Make an oopsie? No worries!
- You can add subzones without contacting UEN (for forward zones, for reverse we can work this out with you if you send us all of your address space you may potentially want)
- INSTANT CHANGES!!! - If you add a host it will resolve on our Anycast servers within seconds. None of this 5 to 9 minute crap :)


Sorry I know this is a long email and I don't mean to bore you all but I have to thank the team that has put countless hours into this project. Although we utilized a Vendor's product we have created our own backend to enhance the communication for our Anycast servers throughout the state.

The core team consists of

Bryan Peterson, Shawn Lyons, Dave Ianucci, Andy Cravens and myself. I want to thank Troy Jessup and Jim Stewart also for getting us starting and making sure we are on the right path. The team has done a lot of work and put many things aside to complete this project.

Kelly Genessy
UEN - Sr. NOC Engineer
801-585-9029 (Desk)
801-209-7459 (Cell)
kgenessy at uen.org<mailto:kgenessy at uen.org>

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