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For those with an interest... BTW, all K-20 in Utah have direct access
to Internet2 through the UofU/UEN sponsored SEGP agreement.  --Joe


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Subject: National Constitution Center's Upcoming Exchange!


IS THE CONSTITUTION COLOR-BLIND?: A New Exchange Program from the
National Constitution Center!


Date: December 17, 2008


Time: 1-3 p.m. EST


Target Audience: High School Students


How to Participate as an Interactive Videoconference Site:  In order to
be an interactive videoconference site for this event, your site must
have H.323 videoconferencing capabilities. Your site must also be
connected to your national high speed research and education network
(i.e. Internet2 in the United States).




The National Constitution Center is excited to invite your school to
participate in the latest installment of its national student program,
The Exchange: A Marketplace of Student Ideas. This event will take place
on Wednesday December 17, 2008 from 1pm-3pm EDT.  This installment of
The Exchange, "Is the Constitution Color-Blind?" asks students to
consider if the Constitution makes distinctions between races.  The
answer to this question impacts everything from education to employment
opportunities to capital punishment and affects every citizen no matter
if they are Native American, African American, Asian or white. 


The Exchange allows students all over the country to converse with one
another about current constitutional issues using Internet-2
videoconferencing.  It is an exciting way for students to explore issues
with their classmates and peers in other parts of the nation.  


The discussion will be hosted by SuChin Pak from MTV and Dr. Michael
Hogan from the Center for Democratic Deliberation and Pennsylvania State


Schools that participate in The Exchange will be provided with a
curriculum to prepare their students to be part of the conversation.
Students will also have the opportunity to create and post their own
media include art, video, and websites in The Exchange online community,
which can be accessed from the National Constitution Center's website
at: http://www.constitutioncenter.org/Exchange.  Some student created
media may be selected to be displayed during the video conference.  If
your students decide to create any video or audio clips, we ask them to
not exceed 2 minutes in length.


If your school chooses to participate in The Exchange, you will be asked
to select one student to represent your school during the
videoconference round table.  During the videoconference, students will
have an opportunity to interact with each other and share their thoughts
on the nature of the Constitution.  Students will use this deliberation
to evaluate the Constitution to determine if the document is color-blind
or color-conscious.   Additionally, students who are not taking part in
the discussion will be able to send questions and comments for SuChin
and the participating students.  

Participating schools must have connectivity to the INTERNET2 network
and the ability to do H.323 video-conferencing.


While there is no cost to participate in this event, we do ask schools
to help us make sure this event is a success.  Schools will be
responsible for the following:


*         Selection of student representative

*         Preparation of students through the use of the provided
Exchange curriculum

*         Support student created materials and submit them to our new
social networking site being developed for this project

*         Participation and successful completion of videoconference
testing prior to the event with the National Constitution Center


I hope you are able to participate in this remarkable opportunity.  If
interested, please contact Jason Allen at either
jallen at constitutioncenter.org or 215.409.6644 by November 17, 2008 for
more information and registration materials.  Mandatory testing of
Internet2 connections will be on Friday, December 11, 2008.  



* * * * * * *

Heather Weisse Walsh

Applications Coordinator


3401 Walnut Street, Suite 233A

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228

Email: hweisse at magpi.net

Phone: 215-573-6417




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