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Joe Breen joe.breen at utah.edu
Wed Jan 23 13:40:01 MST 2008

FYI, if any would like to contribute...

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Subject: 	remote instruments inventory
Date: 	Tue, 22 Jan 2008 17:06:19 -0800
From: 	James Werle <jwerle at u.washington.edu>
To: 	'k20advise at INTERNET2.EDU' <k20advise at internet2.edu>


As we've discussed in the past, it would be a good thing to know as much
as possible about the types of remote instruments available to the
Internet2 K-20 community via the SEGP program.

I'd be happy to try and take a first pass at such a list.   Perhaps it
would be easiest to send an email to me with info (especially a URL if
possible) about what you know to be out there then I'll begin compiling
them on a wiki page and share with the group - eventually we can model
all this information from within Muse.

To start us off, here is what I'm aware of -

  - Southern Skies Telescope project (not sure if its production level yet)
  - Lehigh University's Imaginations electron microscope
  - ROV at Mote Marine


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