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Joe Breen Joe.Breen at utah.edu
Mon Apr 28 15:59:45 MDT 2008

For those that like college rugby, multicast or IPTV application

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> Subject: Real Varsity 2008 IPTV Broadcast 30/04/08
> Morning all, I just wanted to bring a little project I've been working
> on that's about to come to fruition to your collective attention.
> Loughborough University is hosting this year's 'Real Varsity' rugby
> match between ourselves and Bath University and I was asked by our
> Director if we could cover the match, primarily for alumni and off-
> campus users.
> I've been working with our student TV station, LSUTV, for the last few
> months to get this going and with a little help from Unibox we're
> almost there. We'll have 3 cameras on the pitch, 2 in a studio, pre-
> recorded interviews, studio pundits, presenters and commentators.
> We've put a lot of work into this and I'm confident it's going to look
> brilliant.
> We'll be sending out two unicast Quicktime MPEG4 streams (768kb/s and
> 1.5Mb/s) for access from anywhere on the Internet and a single 3Mb/s
> 264 multicast stream for those of you who are multicast enabled. The
> multicast stream will be viewable in VLC and is also being carried on
> Inuk's Freewire IPTV service, channel 106.
> The multicast stream will be going out on udp://@
> and all programming will start at 15:30UTC
> Here's the official line:
> The REAL Varsity 2008 - Wednesday 30th April KO 17:15
> Loughborough Men and Womens 1st XVs take on Bath's 1st XVs in the
> annual rugby varsity. This is the fourth year for the match and the
> stage is set on Loughborough's 1st team pitch. The event is bigger and
> better than ever with live music and entertainment including the
> Skydive Club delivering the match ball at the start.
> Tickets for the event are still available but if you can't attend in
> person LSUTV and Loughborough University's IT and Media Services
> departments are collaborating to broadcast both matches with live
> commentary and analysis on:
> http://lsutv.co.uk/varsity
> And watch the promo here:
> http://www.lsutv.co.uk/varsity/promo/varsity_hi.mov
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