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The following may apply as a possible source of funding for some...

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> Many thanks to George Brett at Internet2 for sharing this information.
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> Brief Abstract:
> The Corporation for National and Community Service (the Corporation)
> announces the availability of approximately $2.3 million of grant
> funding to support the facilitation of better engagement of college
> students in service through social media.
> Some examples of social media include: social networking (i.e.
> Facebook, MySpace, Ning, or integrating social networking capacity
> into existing sites), wikis, podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds, mashups,
> social bookmarking, widgets, etc. Successful applicants must
> demonstrate how their program can use these tools to engage increased
> numbers of college students, especially in partnership with other
> nonprofit or for-profit entities.
> The Corporation will make one-time awards of approximately $100,000 to
> $750,000 to an estimated twelve eligible applicants for a project
> period of up to three years. While all applicants can build in funds
> for subgrants as part of their program model, the Corporation expects
> to fund at least one partnership dedicated primarily to disbursing
> small subgrants (under $10,000 each) to seed student-driven projects.
> This awardee must promote, review, and award subgrants using social
> media. Under this model, it is expected that the grantee will allocate
> at least 80% of funding for subgrants.
> Eligible applicants include higher education partnerships, defined as
> one or more public or private nonprofit organizations, or public
> agencies, including States, and one or more institutions of higher
> education. Thus, all partnerships must include at least one
> institution of higher education. Examples of such partnerships
> include: a national service-focused organization and colleges and
> universities where it has affiliated chapters; a national non-profit
> partnering with a Business School to run a national subgranting
> competition; a regional group of non-profit student organizations
> working with an institution of higher education which would serve as
> the legal applicant. Applicants should have demonstrable experience in
> planning and implementing significant service, volunteering or
> technology programs.

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