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Tom McGee from Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania is looking
to partner with schools in other parts of the United States and
International sites for a new project entitled "Project Lemonade."
Please see the project description below and get in touch with Tom if
you're interested! Registration information and contact information are
included at the bottom of this email.



* * * * *


       An Authentic Real-World Problem-Based Learning Activity for
       students in grades 3-8
       Around the Globe- Promoting Learning 24-7!!


This is a collaborative project hosted by the Lower Merion School 
District in Ardmore, PA, and classrooms around the globe.  Inspired by 
the true story of Alex Scott, Project Lemonade was started to get kids 
to think about how they can make a difference in the world by thinking 
of creative ways to solve real world problems.  Alex's Lemonade Stand 
has gained national attention, and has raised millions of dollars for 
pediatric Cancer Research because of Alex Scott's idea of selling 
lemonade on her street block.

This project will encompass the participation of classrooms all over the 
world.  A 5 month long project duration will enable classrooms to 
connect, whenever, wherever.  5 videoconference events will take place 
to get the excitement going, and connect kids from other countries. 
Through videoconferncing and blogging, students from different cultures 
will work together to solve real problems in their own school, 
community, country, and the world.  Students will debate, discuss, and 
generate questions based on essential questions that will drive the 
project.  The project will culminate with a product to be shared via 
video, podcast, etc.  This project is about real world problems and how 
we deal with them.

We're looking for approximately 10 schools, maybe more, to collaborate 
across the globe.  We will pair up schools to connect with each other 
through the blog, epals, and the wiki.  These schools will collaborate 
together to discuss, share, debate the problems in their environment.

*The BIG Idea:*
How can kids make a difference?  (Alex's Lemonade stand is just one 
When life hands "you" lemons, what will "you" do?  How will "you" make 

*Project Goals:*

     * Get kids connecting globally whenever, wherever
     * Interacting with students from other cultures
     * Getting kids to solve real world problems
     * Tapping into different learning styles through creative uses of 
technology and choice of project ideas
     * Interaction and participation beyond just the VC component
     * Student- Driven

*What Will The Videoconferencing Look Like:*

     * 5 month long project
     * Set Videoconferences up with kids hosting and coordinate with 
different time zones
     * 5 Videconference events (one per month)
     * Schools will be encouraged to "buddy up" with a school from a 
different country
     * Schools may need to be flexible to participate when they are not 
normally in session

*Classroom Requirements: *

     * Each class will post blog comments once a month or respond to 
another comment
     * Each class will have their own wiki page (within the project 
wiki) to construct whenever, wherever
     * Each class will produce a 2-4 minute "reflective" video on the 

*Individual Student Requirement:*

     * Each student will produce a reflective project to answer the 
question, "When life hands you lemons, what would would you do?"
     * Student's will choose the medium- samples: a podcast, a 
persuasive writing piece, a written narrative, a poem, a musical song or rap
     * Projects will be
     * Rubric will be provided to all participating schools

Timeline of Videoconferences: TIMES TBD*

I. Professional Development with teachers(Nov 16 Time)

          1. All participating teachers will meet via videoconference to 
discuss format, goals, and requirements of the project
          2. Session will last for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hrs.
          3. We will have an open Q&A session
          4. Teachers will need to look into firewall issues regarding 
the project blog and wiki
          5. Having a laptop or desktop during the session is helpful, 
not required
          6. Teachers will be encouraged to connect with one school from 
another country or region

II. Opening Segue /  How can kids make a difference in school?  (Nov 29th)

          1. Introductions- each school will need to introduce 
themselves- creativity is highly encouraged for the introduction!
          2. Lower Merion VJ's will call each school for their 60 second 
          3. The LM VJ's will open the event with a project overview- 
project blog and wiki
          4. Each school will have an opportunity to discuss the issues 
in their schools and develop solutions to those issues
          5. Discuss culminating video- start thinking of ideas of Kids 
making a difference.  What does it mean to you?
          6. Closing comments

III. How can kids make a difference in their community? (Jan 24th)

          1. Opening Remarks
          2. Blog of the month- Making a difference in your community!
          3. Wiki Page of the Month!
          4. Mystery Guest- Liz/Jay Scott
          5. LM VJ's will call each school for discussion on issues in 
communities and discuss solutions
          6. Q&A
          7. Closing Comments

     * Begin blogging on country issues
     * Continue building your class wiki page

IV. How can kids make a difference in their country (March 12th)

          1. Opening Remarks
          2. Blog on the Month!
          3. Wiki Page of the Month!
          4. Mystery Guest- ?
          5. LM Vj's will call each school for discussion on issues in 
their countries and discuss solutions
          6. Q&A
          7. Closing Comments

V. Closing event / How can kids make a difference in the world (May 7th, 
8th or 9th)

          1. Opening Remarks
          2. Blog of the Month
          3. Wiki of the Month
          4. Mystery guest- ?
          5. LM Vj's will call each school for discussion on issues in 
the world and discuss solutions
          6. Culminating Video Projects- each school will get to view 
2-4 minute video of the project
                 * Response to the original question: How can kids make 
a difference?  When life hands you lemons, what do you do?
          7. Announce best video project collaboration: Blog: 

*Have more questions? *Contact Tom McGee: mcgeet at lmsd.org or 610-645-1869

*Registration: *To register, visit the wiki: 

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