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For those that deal with K-20 in various manners...  a social community 
targeting educators, educational groups, etc.

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Subject: 	introducing Muse - the new Internet2 social networking site
Date: 	Fri, 2 Nov 2007 13:48:22 -0700
From: 	James Werle <jwerle at u.washington.edu>
To: 	'k20advise at INTERNET2.EDU' <k20advise at internet2.edu>

Dear Advisory Committee Members,

Jennifer Oxenford and I are thrilled to report we are ready to
beta-launch the brand new Internet2 K20 website called Muse on Friday
November 9^th *but we need your help!  *

*Please take a few minutes before Nov 9^th to create a personal profile
in the Muse system *(add your picture, tag your interests, add a link to
your organization, etc).  This will allow us to create a list of
Advisory Committee members on the new site and provide you with a sense
for what Muse can do for your community.  If you?ve already created your
new profile, thank you!  Additionally, we hope you will help promote
this new service to your end-user community.  We?ll be in touch closer
to the Nov 9^th launch date with promotional patter to distribute
through your existing SEGP communication vehicles.

*HERE IS THE URL* to create your Muse account:


*important:*  after creation, be sure to check your email to verify your
new account.


Muse is a social networking tool (think Facebook or mySpace) that makes
it much easier for the variety of K-20 community groups both in the
United States and internationally ? K12 teachers, museum curators,
librarians, higher education faculty, etc. ? to discover and connect
with each other around the use of advanced network-enabled teaching and
learning resources and applications.


* *

Have you ever been interested in creating an online community for your
SEGP audience but haven?t had the time or energy to build and maintain
it? You can now easily create your own local online space within the
global Muse community!  So far, we have one example ? the MAGPI regional


We will be in touch with more information about this option after the
site launches.  If you would like to learn more now, please contact
Jennifer or I.

Until then, have fun creating your profile in Muse and thank you for
helping make this new website effort work for our community.



James Werle
Associate Director
Internet2 K20 Initiative
University of Washington

Tel:   206.616.8155
Fax:  206.221.2658

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