[tforum] Reminder that MS Vista supports IPv6 out of the box...

Joe Breen Joe.Breen@utah.edu
Wed, 10 Jan 2007 14:55:17 -0700

With MS Vista coming out sometime soon, I thought I would send everyone 
a reminder that it supports IPv6 out of the box.  The firewall blocks 
incoming for IPv4 and IPv6 but it does have the capability to go to 
sites via IPv6.  This fact may introduce a possible gotcha' when 
troubleshooting.  If a name resolves to an IPv6 address, Internet 
Explorer, Firefox and some other browsers should try the IPv6 address 

A very high level article that is slightly relevant:


For Windows admins, a good MS reference site on IPv6 is:

BTW, Linux and Mac OS X have been supporting IPv6 out of the box for 
some time.  However, some of y'all may only support MS Windows and 
should be aware.  --Joe