[tforum] "A New Way to look at Networking" on Google Video -- An interesting discussion by Van Jacobsen

Joe Breen Joe.Breen@utah.edu
Wed, 10 Jan 2007 12:40:32 -0700

For those that follow networking topics or even IT topics, the 1hr 21 
minute talk by Van Jacobsen is a high-level and interesting 
presentation.  Van Jacobsen has provided many critical ideas to TCP/IP, 
the suite of protocols upon which the Internet runs.  This presentation 
discusses some thoughts on how to build the Internet beyond today's 

*A New Way to look at Networking*
1 hr 21 min 14 sec - Aug 30, 2006

Google Tech Talks August 30, 2006
Van Jacobson is a Research Fellow at PARC. Prior to that he was Chief
Scientist and co-founder of Packet Design. Prior to that he was Chief
Scientist at Cisco. Prior to that he was head of the Network Research
group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He's been studying
networking since 1969. He still hopes that someday something will start 
to make sense.

ABSTRACT: Today's research community congratulates itself for the 
success of the internet and passionately argues whether circuits or 
datagrams are the One True Way. Meanwhile the list of unsolved problems 
grows. Security, mobility, ubiquitous computing, wireless, autonomous 
sensors, content distribution, digital divide, third world
infrastructure, etc., are all poorly served by what's available from
either the research community or the marketplace. I'll use various
strained analogies and contrived examples to argue that network research
is moribund because the only thing it knows how to do is fill in the
details of a conversation between two applications. Today as in the 60s
problems go unsolved due to our tunnel vision and not because of their
intrinsic difficulty. And now, like then, simply changing our point of
view may make many hard things easy.

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