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For those that follow the migration of computing from the desktop to the 
web, check out some of the links in the below message.  Also of note, 
though not directly in the below message, is the rapid growth of Adobe 
Apollo for developing web 2.0 type apps that run on the web instead of 
your local machine.  Though only in alpha stages, I have seen several 
references to the new framework.  Here is a link to a description of it. 

The interface to the computing world is rapidly changing.  Hopefully, 
broadband to the home will achieve more penetration in the US, 
especially rural areas.

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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 00:39:12 -0700 (PDT)
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April 14, 2007

Web apps that think they're desktop software

Many online services try to ape the desktop experience, and
lately we're seeing more of them that are doing a great job of
it. I'm referring, in particular, to ScrapBlog and Wiredness, two
new graphics applications that will make you wonder why you're
still using desktop software.  Scrapblog builds online
presentations; Wiredness is a photo editor.  On the other hand,
an online app needs more than a pretty interface, no matter how
innovative it is. One unfortunate example of this truth is the
recently updated desktop suite, Glide 2.0.  It makes for a
knockout demo, but the apps in the suite don't hold together.
Still, it's worth checking out, just to get a glimpse of what the
future of your Web apps looks like.  Also worth checking out: The
new online suite, Peepel.

>Reviewed: Peepel



>Glide 2.0

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1. Beyond apps: The Web OS

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a concept and an argument for marginalizing desktop OSes. Martin
LaMonica looks at new services form Laszlo, YouOS, and Xcerion

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Twitter is not the only nanoblogging service, as its users
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live in both. Here's how.

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3. The Beatles are coming to iTunes

Major record label EMI announced this week that they have settled
an ongoing copyright dispute with the Beatles that had prevented
the label from licensing their music for distribution. In light
of EMI's recent deal to release their catalog on iTunes, it
appears that there is little left to prevent the Fab Four's back
catalog from finally being released online.

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4. Buzzillions is a great shopping experience

Buzzillions does a great job collecting product reviews from
around the Web, and it also makes it easy to find just the right
product for your needs.

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5. Can a search site save the environment?

Blackle is just a front-end to Google. But's it's black. Because,
its designer says, darker Web pages save energy. Does this really
make sense?

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cool new Web apps. Click through for previews and for ongoing

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out. Click the link to nab yours now.

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