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Subject: Fwd: Videoconference Event (11/14/06)- A Conversation about 
Music Dance, and Life in Central Africa
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FYI - Another very interesting music session from St. Francis

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> Subject: Videoconference Event (11/14/06)- A Conversation about Music 
> Dance, and Life in Central Africa
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> First of all, I'd like to thank all of those involved with yesterday's
> Megaconference event.  It was (as always) a great display of
> interactivity and the amazing things are doing with video these days.
> Below is an event release that I was asked to post to the list.  This
> session is absolutely free, and anyone interested should email Kent
> Tonkin at ktonkin@cermusa.francis.edu.
> Thanks!
> -Mike Shanafelt
> --------------------------------------
> Saint Francis University and CERMUSA Presents
> Ngoma: A Conversation about Music, Dance and Life in Central Africa.
> Featuring Congolese Master Musician Elie Kihonia
> 11.14.06: 1pm-2pm: Live Via Internet 2
> Saint Francis University's Center of Excellence for Remote and 
> Medically
> Under-Served Areas (CERMUSA) is proud to present Congolese master
> musician, Elie Kihonia, live via Internet2 on November 14 from 1pm to 2
> pm EST.  Through interview, discussion, lecture, and live 
> demonstration,
> Mr. Kihonia will showcase the various aspects of music from the
> Democratic Republic of Congo.  Participants will learn about and
> experience traditional Congolese music, dance, concepts and musical
> instruments such as the Ngoma drum. They will witness an in-depth
> interview with Mr. Kihonia focusing on his experiences growing up and
> becoming a musician in the Congo. Towards the end of the session,
> participants will be given the opportunity to interact and ask
> questions.
> Artist Bio
> Elie Kihonia is the founder of Afrika Yetu and Umoja African Arts
> Company. He was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly
> Zaire) and exposed to both traditional and neo-traditional African 
> music
> and dance at an early age. As a multi-instrumentalist that plays 
> African
> percussion and contemporary instruments, his expertise includes the
> xylophone, mbira, hand and set drums, keyboard, accordion and guitars.
> While in Zaire, Mr. Kihonia developed his passion for keeping the roots
> of African arts alive, and became a pioneer in intermixing traditional
> and neo-traditional music. In 1989, his ensemble Gevakin toured Africa,
> Europe and the United States. Seeing the need to introduce and promote
> Africa's rich and diverse history, culture, and traditions through song
> and dance, Mr. Kihonia became a co-founder of Umoja African Arts
> Company, in order to create an organization in the U.S. to unify and
> promote the arts of diverse African cultures. He performs, teaches,
> choreographs, writes, and produces multi-cultural productions
> internationally.
> Mr. Kihonia has been associated with the Ministry of Culture and Arts 
> in
> his native Democratic Republic of Congo as the international Director 
> of
> Production. He served as an artist consultant for the Museum of African
> Art in New York, The Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh, PA, The 
> Smithsonian
> Institute in Washington, D.C., and various Universities such as 
> Carnegie
> Mellon University, The University of Pittsburgh, La Roche College, and
> Natal University of Durban in South Africa.
> In 2000, Mr. Kihonia has developed Safari, Afrika Yetu/WaCongo's
> educational residency program. Elie is currently conducting healing 
> drum
> workshops with various health and AIDS-related organizations such as 
> the
> Mercy Behavior Health Center, Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force,
> Citipark/Senior Citizens, and the Marimba House in South Africa.
> This event is geared for both high school and college audiences and 
> will
> include an open question and answer period.  In concert with MAGPI,
> Saint Francis University is pleased to offer this session free of 
> charge
> via the Internet2 commons.  Pre-registration is required NO LATER than
> Friday, November 10, 2006.
> To register, or for more information, please contact Kent Tonkin at
> ktonkin@cermusa.francis.edu
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