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Subject: 	What's New for the WiscNet Future Technologies Conference?
Date: 	Tue, 28 Mar 2006 10:12:37 -0600
From: 	Andrea Deau <adeau@wiscnet.net>
To: 	K20 Advisory Team (E-mail) <k20advise@internet2.edu>

Hi Folks,
I just wanted to let you know about our annual conference.  Perhaps
you'd be interested in a trip to Madison in April.  It's not Hawaii, but
it it will be in the 50's and 60's.  I think we have some fun stuff planned.

* What's New On the WiscNet Future Technologies Conference Agenda?*

*_Newly added:_*

     * A/ugmented Reality and handhelds/
     * /Academic CoLab Update/
     * /The Digital Cadaver (TM)
     * /Podcasting - Capture, Edit, Publish, Subscribe!
     * /Video Games for School Leadership/
     * /Games and Professional Practice Simulations/
     * /More Throughput, Same Internet Link/

     April 18-19th, Monona Terrace, Madison, Wis.
     Agenda:  http://www.wiscnet.net/FTC/1/

Please register <http://www.wiscnet.net/FTC%20Registration/>by Friday,
April 7th to ensure the early conference rate.  WiscNet member
institutions receive one free registration per institution.

We are pleased to welcome *Dr. Roger Schank *as our keynote speaker on
April 18th.  Roger will talk about _Why Virtual Education Matters and
How to do it Right_.  *Annie Stunden*, Chief Information Officer at the
University of Wisconsin Madison will give the keynote talk on April 19th
about _The State of Research and Education Networking in the US_.

We have some very cool sessions planned. Check out the agenda.  We also
are holding a social event with a video conference with the ReefHQ folks
in Australia, who will be giving us a Live tour of their Coral Reef
exhibit <http://www.reefhq.com.au/exhibits/coral/index.html>.  We hope
to see you there!

*_Other Sessions:_*

     * /Open source tools for schools/
     * /National, regional & State Networking 101/
     * /Municipal WiFi/
     * /WiscNet Network Upgrade/
     * /Learning Management Systems in K-12/
     * /Supporting Online Programs in Higher Education/
     * Get the most from WiscNet Network Management Tools, plus a WiscNet
       Services Update
     * /Wireless LAN Implementations/
     * /Open Source ePortfolio project - UW Stevens Point/
     * /Digital Districts Online
     * / Digital Academic Television Network using Multicast (DATN)
     * / WiscNet annual business meeting and State of WiscNet talk/

/ /

The WiscNet workgroups (LMS, DDO, Security Issues and Internet2 K20)
will hold their annual face-to-face meetings. And as we do each year, we
hold our annual elections for the WiscNet Board of Directors.

/We hope to see you there!

*Andrea Deau*

<www.wiscnet.net>*/We/**/ have some really cool stuff planned for our
Future Technologies Conference!/**/
Check it out!
/**April 18-19th *at Monona Terrace in Madison