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As many of us heavily use the Internet for educational and research 
purposes and expect students to do so as well, we must carefully monitor 
the progression of such practices as these.  While companies should 
definitely have to right to sell services, these rights probably should 
not create impedance to the flow of learning and information.  Just 
thoughts to consider as the Internet undergoes transformation and growth.

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[Excerpts from Lightreading article. Once again another reason we need to
rethink last architecture and ownership --BSA]


AT&T Sets Up Internet Tollbooths
As it grows in size and scope, AT&T Inc. says it will also be among those
carriers building tollbooths for its last-mile broadband networks.

The telco giant's product development and sales teams are now busy designing
"packet prioritization" products for sale to content providers that depend
on AT&T last-mile networks to deliver services to consumers. Such products
reserve a "fast lane" on AT&T's networks for the safe and speedy transit of
traffic from whichever company is paying the toll.

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