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Subject: Call for Presentations for CoSN's 2007 Annual Conference (fwd)
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I'm forwarding this to you in the hopes that we will be well represented
on panels and in sessions at the CoSN meeting.

Hope you are all getting some time to enjoy the summer.  It's a good thing
we have AK on board as a SEGP now.  With global warming, soon we may all
want to go the beach in Barrow for relief.

- Louis

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Subject: Call for Presentations for CoSN's 2007 Annual Conference


Dear Colleague,

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) will be holding its 12th
Annual K-12 School Networking Conference on March 28-30, 2007 at the
Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, CA. The K-12 School
Networking Conference is the premier event for education technology
leaders. The conference attracts over 850 district, state and national
education technology leaders. The 2007 conference theme is Bridging
Individualized Learning and High Stakes Accountability. We are soliciting
educational presentations for this important national conference focused
on the ways the Internet and information technologies can improve
teaching, learning and the overall educational enterprise at the K-12

Perhaps the greatest opportunity that technology offers K-12 education is
to personalize or individualize learning and that is the focus of this
year's conference. This is happening as education is being held to higher
standards. Parents, communities, stakeholders and policy-makers are
demanding higher degrees of accountability and our students - the new
digital natives - are arriving at our schools expecting new and different
learning spaces.

At CoSN's 12th Annual K-12 School Networking Conference, school
technology leaders and decision makers will examine how new technologies
are being used to individualize learning; where are best practices; and
what research tells us about how technologies can improve student
achievement. The program will specifically focus on:
  *  Visionary leadership: What role does leadership have in technology
  *  Leadership skills: What's essential for technology decision makers to
     help lead accountability and learning?
  *  Assessment and accountability: What is the role of the district-level
     technology leader in assuring accountability for results?
  *  Individualizing student learning: How is technology being leveraged
     to advance student learning and what can our parents and stakeholders
  *  The total cost of technology: How can school districts keep up with
     the challenge of ever-changing technologies and ever-shrinking
  *  The use of data: Does data-based decision making lead to learning
  *  The role of students: What role do students have and are we really
     listening to their wants and needs?
  *  Accessible technologies: Can accessible technologies support
     increased achievement for all students?
  *  The impact of technology use: What is the Value of Investment?
  *  Best practices from around the world: What can we learn from our
     international colleagues?

Individuals representing school districts, intermediate/county service
units, state agencies or non-profit organizations are welcome to submit a
proposal. Presenting at CoSN's annual conference provides an opportunity
to share your knowledge and insights with your peers, enhance your
professional development, learn from your colleagues and expand your own
knowledge and skills.

Submissions should be of high interest and relevance to the intended
conference participants (key district, state and national technology
leaders) and correlate to the conference theme/focus of bridging
individualized learning and high stakes accountability. In addition,
presentation submissions should provide "cutting edge" and practical "how
to" information as well as touch on financial accountability - Total Cost
of Ownership (TCO) and how school districts can keep up with the
challenge of changing technologies and shrinking budgets. Presenters are
encouraged to share proven strategies for successful technology
integration from personal experience and research related to
technology-based instruction, including how they are measuring the
"value" of their investment in this technology. Companies that have been
working on projects that pertain to the conference program/focus should
encourage their clients to submit a presentation application keeping the
presentation vendor neutral.

For additional information and to submit a proposal, please visit
www.k12schoolnetworking.org/2007/cfp.cfm and share your leadership
experiences and your vision for the future of the Internet and technology
use in the classroom.

Katie Lovett & Mike Hall, Conference Co-Chairs

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