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The following note links to a Service Oriented Architecture Workshop 
held in Vancouver.  As I poked about the site and observed the results, 
I was struck again by how our Higher Ed Community is slowly moving to an 
increasingly collaborative environment.  By utilizing wikis, email lists 
and CVS or SVN software repositories, our community is starting to 
develop enterprise tools that fit the specific community need.  The 
community is then sharing these tools to empower all.  The community, 
while not completely spurning traditional enterprise tools, is realizing 
that collaboration and open development is necessary to truly serve the 
unique environment that constitutes Higher Ed.
Workshop Goal  A Conceptual Framework

Our stated goal for the workshop was to "Build the community knowledge 
base needed to create a Conceptual Framework of cross-cutting university 
services. The range of these services includes, but is not limited to, 
those required for a next generation Student System."

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[Excellent workshop on use of SOA in higher ed, which I expect will be as
transformative as in business and other areas of society -- BSA]


As discussed, here is the link to the outputs of the SOA workshop in
Vancouver last month.  Go to
http://educationcommons.org/projects/display/SOA/Home .  Click on the
Workshop March 2006 link to see all the workshop material.    Look for the
16 (or so) "service candidates" we identified as emerging out of the
high-level business process of "apply for admission".  We demonstrated the
power of service oriented analysis and the existence of abundant reusable
services at or close to the infrastructure level (though Thomas Erl calls
these "application services").  The MIT/OKI crowd and UK representative were
particularly helpful in working this through.

We are starting to piece together some of the next steps and have identified
the following "tracks" going forward:

Entity definition
Business process discovery
Application service candidate discovery
Experimental implementation exercises (Proof of Concept)
Data representation architecture and schema definition
Higher education "basic profile" definition
Security and privacy requirements definition
Technology alternatives selection -- should be deferred to Service-Oriented
Analysis stage

By the time we reach CANHEIT, we should have a penultimate version of the
report (feasibility study) funded by the Mellon Foundation.  Be sure to
attend the presentation by Richard Spencer and Leo Fernig

Ted Dodds

Associate Vice President, Information Technology & CIO

The University of British Columbia


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