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Subject: Global Nomads Group Mozambique Live Webcasts
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 23:19:22 -0500
From: Jennifer Oxenford <jmacdoug@isc.upenn.edu>
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Please help us distribute this exciting announcement about the Global
Nomads Group's Mozambique FREE Live webcast events to anyone you think
might be interested in your areas. 




Through a partnership between <bold>Global Nomads Group, MAGPI,
NJEDge.Net, and the Internet2 Commons,</bold> we are excited to
announce that the
Alive</fontfamily></italic></bold><italic><fontfamily><param>Arial</param> </fontfamily></italic>series
of nine videoconferences will be available via live webstream for

Alive</fontfamily></italic><fontfamily><param>Arial</param> is a live
interactive educational program that will bring the world's youth
face-to-face during March and April of 2006 to discuss and learn about
their respective cultures. Students will delve into issues such as:

<bold>Culture and Beauty:</bold> we will explore Mozambique through
local food, music, dancing, world cultural sites and wildlife.

<bold>History:</bold> we will look at Mozambique since its
independence, addressing issues such as the civil war.

<bold>Current Issues:</bold>  we will host discussions around gender

Students in the US and Mozambique will travel on an educational
journey, teaching and learning together. A series of
classroom-to-classroom and remote broadcast conferences (with experts
speaking from remote onsite locations) will provide a collaborative
global education experience.</fontfamily>

Complete information about Global Nomads Group, Mozambique Alive
program, please see: 


To<fontfamily><param>Verdana</param> access the live webstream of this

   1) Go to

   2) Under Live Streams, click on "<bold>Mozambique Alive</bold>."
(You should be able to view the live stream in 	either Windows Media
or Quicktime.)</fontfamily>

Each of the nine broadcasts will also be archived and available at
for three weeks after the live broadcast. 


Jennifer Oxenford 

Associate Director, MAGPI 


phone: 215.898.0341

cell: 267.322.0036

fax: 215.898.9348


215-74MAGPI (215-746-2474)