[tforum] UEN NOC schedule change

Pete Kruckenberg pete@uen.org
Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:24:35 -0700

[I invite your feedback, concerns and questions for the following
proposed change. Please email me or call me directly.]

The UEN Network Operations group proposes a change to the NOC hours
beginning December 1, to allow more staffing for project implementation,
particularly Gigabit Ethernet projects.

The UEN NOC is currently staffed 7am-6pm M-F, with 24x7x365 after-hours
support through an answering service and on-call pager.

Beginning December 1, the UEN NOC hours would change to 8am - 5pm M-F,
with after-hours support through 8am and beginning at 5pm, as well as
nights and weekends. We will also continue to monitor the network
24x7x365 and respond to detected incidents at any hour.

The primary motivation for the change is to increase staffing on
implementation projects, especially the GigEthernet deployment projects.
By making this change, we can add at least one person, and possibly two,
to work on those projects, which will increase our implementation team
by 50-100%.

Based on the number of calls we receive in the NOC, especially between
7-8am and 5-6pm, we don't anticipate that this change will significantly
impact our operational customer support. However, it would signficantly
increase our ability to support project implementation for our

If you have concerns about this change, I would appreciate hearing from

Pete Kruckenberg
UEN Network Operations Manager
(801) 585-9034