[tforum] UEN NOC Update

Pete Kruckenberg pete@uen.org
Wed, 09 Feb 2005 12:03:38 -0700

We've made a number of changes in the UEN NOC that will affect (and we
hope improve) how you work with the NOC. 

Call Handling
When you call the UEN NOC, the person answering the phone will first
open a ticket so we can better track your issue. They will make sure
your contact information is up-to-date and will collect information
about the problem you are experiencing. They will give you a ticket
number you can use to track the problem, no matter who is working on the
issue. They can also check status on your tickets, add information to
your tickets, and put you in contact with the person currently working
on your problem.

Your ticket will be assigned to an Escalation Engineer, who will call
you back to resolve the issue (for network-down and other critical
issues, your call can be transferred immediately to an Escalation
Engineer). The issue may be handled by multiple people (especially if it
takes more than a few hours to resolve), but you can always reference
the ticket number to get the current status or find out who is working
on it.

When your ticket is resolved, the NOC will contact you before closing
the ticket, to make sure that the problem has been resolved to your

Extended Hours
We have changed the schedule for the Network Operations Center to a
7am-7pm Mon-Fri NOC schedule (the NOC was previously open 7am-6pm), to
have NOC coverage during evening classes. After-hours we will continue
to have the answering service, who can page the on-call engineers. We
are currently staffing the extended schedule with temporary employees,
but we hope to make it permanent soon.

Email tickets
You can now open a ticket with the NOC via email, by sending email to
ticket@uen.org. Your email address must be registered (in your contact
record) with the NOC ticketing system before you can open a ticket by

You can get instructions for opening a ticket by sending an email to
ticket@uen.org with a subject "Help". If you get a response that your
email address is not registered, call the NOC at 801-585-7440 to add
your email address to your contact record.

Tickets opened by email will go directly to the Escalation Engineers.
You will receive automatic status updates, and you can also update the
ticket status, request a status of all of your tickets, send additional
information to attach to a ticket, and close a ticket, all by email.

NOC Management
Troy Jessup has temporarily taken on the management of the NOC to
oversee day-to-day NOC operations and continue the NOC transformation.
This situation is necessary for our continued focus on the GL3 project.
Pete Kruckenberg is leading the GL3 Engineering and Implementation Team
for the next few months. Troy will also continue to oversee UEN network
security, with Patrick Bergen being the primary UEN security contact for
the next several months.

We would appreciate your feedback on these changes, to pete@uen.org or
tj@uen.org, or call the NOC at 801-585-7440 and ask to speak to Troy
Jessup or Pete Kruckenberg.