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Subject: Read Across America
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 14:47:01 -0800
From: James Werle <jwerle@u.washington.edu>
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Hello All,

Below is a request to help a successful K-12 videoconferencing project 
in its efforts to sustainably reach a larger audience.

What? Read Across America is a national celebration of Dr. Seuss's 
birthday. TWICE, Michigan's K12 Videoconferencing organization, began a 
national videoconference celebration of RAA in 2002 with 200 classes in 
18 states participating. This year 635 classes are
reading to each other via point-to-point videoconference March 1-3, 2005.
Project website: http://www.twice.cc/read/

Need: This year we started a verification process because the classes 
are matched based on their type of connection (H.323, H.320, speed, dial 
direction etc.) We had 200 verifications in November and December 2004 
for the 635 classes mentioned above. Verification means that we 
determine their type of connection (ISDN or IP) and if they can connect 
both directions. (Issues arise with firewalls and 700 numbers for example.)
TWICE is a volunteer board and we're finding it increasingly difficult 
to maintain this project with a small projects committee. We desperately 
need help to meet the increasing demand of this project across the U.S.

We are hoping for at least 10 bridges in 10 states to share the load of 
the verification process. This commitment would include:
         *Preferably willing to do this on an annual basis.
         *Verifications start in November, are heaviest the last couple 
weeks in November and early in December, but sometimes trickle
         out through early January.
         *Verification means that they call you, then you call them 
back, and then update the RAA coordinator with the status of that site 
either via email or a web accessible database. Preferably you'd tell us 
within a day or two the status on the site you tested with.

Rough Timeline for RAA 2006
Bridge commitment by June 2005
One hour (max) meeting in October 2005 to confirm details & procedure.
Verifications November  05 - early January 06

INTERESTED?    Please contact

Janine Lim 
Instructional Technology Consultant  http://www.remc11.k12.mi.us/dl/
Berrien County Intermediate School District    jlim@remc11.k12.mi.us
711 St. Joseph Ave.                            Phone: 269-471-7725 Ext. 101
Berrien Springs, MI 49103                                     Fax: 

Thank you for considering this request for help!


James Werle
Special Assistant to the Vice Provost
Educational Partnerships & Learning Technologies
University of Washington
Tel:   206.616.8155
Fax:  206.221.2658