[tforum] UEN Spring 2003 Technical Forum

Barry Bryson bbryson@uen.org
Tue, 4 Feb 2003 13:45:46 -0700

Hi all,

Planning is underway for the UEN Spring 2003 Technical Forum.  The =
current date being looked at is the week of May 5th.  We are still =
evaluating venues and I will keep you informed as to our progress.

This is YOUR Technical Forum so I would like your input.  First please =
let me know if there are any major conflicts during the proposed week.  =
This will be a good week to have it at the U because commencement is =
week before and the campus should be pretty open and available.

Please also look over the following list of proposed sessions and give =
me some feedback as to if they meet your needs or if we need to consider =
other topics.  Also if you feel a strong desire to present any of these =
topics, please let me know.  This year we want to open the presenting up =
as much as possible to those we serve.  If you have suggestions of =
people you would like to have present these (or other) topics, please =
let me know that as well.

Some of the changes we are considering are: Different tracks, change of =
venue, panel discussions and a moderate fee to help pay for food, =
venues, materials etc.  We are thinking $75 for advanced registration, =
$100 for two months before and $125 at the event.  The exact amount will =
depend on venue, food selection and number of potential participants.  =
Please let me know how you feel about the fee as well.



Sessions Attached below

Spring 2003 Tech. Summit topics so far:

In Depth Track:

	*	Network Management Tools (hands-on)=20
			o	IView
			o	HP OpenView
			o	Cisco Works
			o	NMIS

	*	Flow Tools=20

	*	Security Track=20
			o	VPN
			o	Intrusion Detection=20
			o	Vulnerability Scanning
			o	Firewalls

	*	Switch configuration, management, operations (Cisco Specific)=20
			o	VLANs
			o	Configuration
			o	Management
			o	Design?

	*	Sniffer training and lab

	*	Advanced Technology Topic
			o	IPV6

	*	Securing Novell Networks=20

	*	Convergence from Netware 4/5 to Netware 6=20

	*	Advanced Linux Lab

Basics Track:

	*	Linux basics and lab=20

	*	Cognos


	*	Router Configuration Basics
			o	Access list writing

Panel Discussions:

	*	Securing Your Network

	*	Real World Operations of a Campus Network

	*	Philosophic Discussion of Operating a network

Other Topics to Consider:

	*	Blogging - how to and how to get started

	*	Key Note by Governor or other notable