[tforum] [Fwd: Cisco routers attacked]

Joe Breen Joe.Breen@utah.edu
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 06:39:42 -0700

Old vulnerabilities die hard.  Here is an encouragement to do a security 
maintenance check of your core routing/switching infrastructure. 
School's out and the Christmas script kiddies are already on the prowl.

Happy Holidays,

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Subject: Cisco routers attacked
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 07:38:07 -0500
From: REN-ISAC <dodpears@indiana.edu>
To: abilene-ops-l@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU

Complete details are sketchy, but it appears that more than a dozen 
Cisco routers and switches at seven Abilene-connected universities were 
recently taken over via the vulnerability described at:

If your institution has any device running Cisco IOS software release 
greater than 11.3 and less than the fix version (specific to train) it 
would be wise to fix or work around the vulnerability.

Doug Pearson

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