[tforum] *** UEN Spring Technical Summit Reminder ***

Barry Bryson bbryson@uen.org
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 16:16:45 -0600

Hello Again,

The UEN Spring 2003 Technical Summit is almost upon us.  If you are =
planning on attending and have not already done so, please register =
online at: http://summit.uen.org
The payment deadline is April 21st (which is next Monday).  We need =
registrations and funds before we can order food and other materials for =
the summit, so please help us by registering as soon as you can.

Also, please take a minute and review what sessions you have signed up =
for.  We had a minor database problem and lost some of the session =
information for a handful of participants, but this should have been =
taken care of and those affected were notified of the problem.

There have been a couple minor changes to the schedule.  The first H.323 =
session has been replaced with Video Streaming and both sessions of =
network management tools has been replaced with a discussion on IP =
addressing.  I am sure that many of you will be interested in the future =
strategy and plan for IP addressing as it affects all of us.

Thank You!

Barry Bryson
UEN Spring 2003 Technical Summit Director