[tforum] Hub Paradise Route Reduction progress and schedule change

Pete Kruckenberg pete@uen.org
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 23:12:12 -0600 (MDT)

A quick note on our progress and then a note on a change in

We have successfully completed the "Route Reduction"
implementation in USU, DATC, UVSC and SLCC. We have had a
few problems, but as we continue to implement we are finding
the few "gotcha's" that cause the problems, so we can
prevent them or resolve them more quickly. So far we have
reduced route tables at the edge router an average of 95% in
each hub, the global UEN route table has been reduced by
over 60%, and we still have many hubs to complete.

The remaining hub sites will be implemented as follows:

Sunday August 12 (beginning around 6:00pm)
 - Dixie, NUES, CEU
 - some or all of SUU, Snow, Snow South

Monday August 13 (beginning around 6:00pm)
 - what's left of SUU, Snow, Snow South
 - San Juan, Moab, Roosevelt

We have developed a faster method of implementation, but it
will cause up to a 1 hour outage for each hub. This is
necessary to let us get through all the hubs before our
network-change moratorium starts next week.

Any questions or problems related to these changes should be
directed to the UEN NOC at 801-585-7440.

Pete Kruckenberg
UEN Network Engineering