[tforum] Hub Paradise Project

Pete Kruckenberg pete@uen.org
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 11:33:21 -0600 (MDT)

Some of you may be wondering what the "Hub Paradise" project
is that Tony referenced in his message earlier today.

In July, UEN Network Engineering launched a project to bring
the entire UEN network to the hightest level of optimization
and best-practice standards. The method we are using to do
this is to pilot these improvements in one hub, and roll
them out network-wide after they are tested.

This project has been named "Hub Paradise", because we
intend to create an ideal hub, and roll those ideas out to
the entire network after they've been tried and proven.

The USU hub site was chosen because it is the smallest hub
site that is representative of the rest of the network. The
people of the USU hub area have been very generous (and
patient) in agreeing to let us pilot in their region, and
have cheerfully endured the problems that have cropped up
during the pilots.

So far we have completely rolled out two changes, the "ip
route-cache" and "ip classless" changes. Today's
announcement is for rolling out changes to reduce network
routing tables, which will reduce memory requirements on
every router in the network, as well as increase stability
within the network.

One of the benefits of these pilot projects is that we can
focus on a contained area of the network to better
understand the impact of the change. We try to identify
measurements that show whether the changes actually improve
the network. These measurements have been and will be
reported in T-forum and on these mail lists, so you can see
how these changes improve your UEN network service.

Several Hub Paradise pilots have been defined already, and
will happen over the next several months. The next pilot
will focus for the next several weeks on optimizing and
standardizing traffic engineering from the hub to the
schools and districts. Other planned Hub Paradise pilots
will focus on management standards and software upgrades.

We are using this 'pilot then deploy' model with several
other projects, including security, caching, streaming media
and redundancy in the hub and district, and plan to use it
as our primary method of taking engineered designs from the
lab to the network.

I would be happy to hear any questions or comments you have
about any Network Engineering issues.

Pete Kruckenberg
Sr. Network Engineer
UEN Engineering
(801) 585-9034