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Thu Feb 16 11:43:10 MST 2017

Science Teachers,

Last Friday, February 10th at the Utah Science Teachers Association Conference several resources were introduced to attendees to help implement new SEEd standards next school year. I want to share four of them with the science community:

1 - SEEd OER Textbooks: Work started for these text books early in the school year and they are ready for teachers to see, download, and even order printed copies. The new books are aligned to the SEEd standards and each chapter starts with a phenomenon and have an aligned focus on crosscutting concepts. Eventually the USBE Science website will be updated to see electronic copies, formatted PDFs, and purchase hard copies can be found at http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/science/OER.aspx (this update may not happen for a few weeks). Here are Direct Links you can use now:
Electronic Versions (link to CK-12)
6th Grade Science (For SEEd Standards)<http://www.ck12.org/user%3Adxrhac1vzxitzg9llnbhcnruzxjay2sxmi5vcmc./book/6th-Grade-Science-for-UT-SEEd-Standards/>
7th Grade Science (For SEEd Standards)<http://www.ck12.org/user%3Adxrhac1vzxitzg9llnbhcnruzxjay2sxmi5vcmc./book/7th-Grade-Science-for-UT-SEEd-Standards/>
8th Grade Science (For SEEd Standards)<http://www.ck12.org/user%3Adxrhac1vzxitzg9llnbhcnruzxjay2sxmi5vcmc./book/8th-Grade-Science-for-UT-SEEd-Standards/>

Formatted PDF Version - These are formatted PDF documents of the books created for CreateSpace that cannot be emailed because their large size but will eventually be available on the Science Website for download at http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/science/OER.aspx

Hard Copy Purchases (through CreateSpace) - These textbooks will have a color cover and black and white pages. This keeps the costs low. Districts, schools, etc. are welcome to print the books through their own printing services using the PDF files above. We have provided the links below to support easy ordering, but you are more than welcome to print these resources on your own based on your access and cost. It is highly recommended that one copy is purchased for review before a large order of multiple copies is ordered.
6th Grade Science (For SEEd Standards)<https://www.createspace.com/6879020>
7th Grade Science (For SEEd Standards)<https://www.createspace.com/6879633>
8th Grade Science (For SEEd Standards)<https://www.createspace.com/6881717>

2 - Science and Engineering Practices & Crosscutting Concepts Posters: A wonderful teacher in the Jordan School District (Susan Larson) created 2 posters that can be used to show the Practices and the Crosscutting Concepts. These posters are found in the beginning of the new SEEd OER Textbooks and similar icons are found in the SEEd Content Courses describe below. I have attached the files for these posters and so you can use them in your classroom.

3 - SEEd Storylines Website: Work has been done by a group of districts to both unpack standards as well as create lessons (they call episodes) and unit maps (they call storylines). This work is found on the website https://www.seedstorylines.org/. This site is a work in progress that will be updated and improved based on your feedback. The will continue to improve only as you use, rate, and comment on the lessons as you use them.

4 - SEEd Content Courses: As many of you are aware, there is new science content found in every grade of the SEEd Standards. A group of teachers were organized to create self-paced content courses that will help teachers to gain confidence in the science content they will be teaching. These courses will be housed on Canvas and run through UEN. They will have a focus in the crosscutting concepts and identifying phenomena that can be used in the classroom. The courses are organized by Grade and Strand in the SEEd standards and, based on the size of the strand and workload, either 0.5 or 1.0 USBE Credit is available after the completion of each strand course. You can find more information about and register for these courses at: http://www.uen.org/pls/science/.

A huge thank you to the work that has been done to prepare and make all of these resources available.

Ricky Scott
K-12 Science Education Specialist
Utah State Board of Education
richard.scott at schools.utah.gov<mailto:richard.scott at schools.utah.gov>
250 E. 500 S.
P.O. Box 144200
Salt Lake City, Utah  84114-4200
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D28840.23B4ED70]<https://twitter.com/RRScotta>[cid:image004.jpg at 01D28840.23B4ED70]<http://schools.utah.gov/curr/science/>

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