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On June 6, 2013, high school students from across Utah will gather at The Leonardo for Mind Riot, a new kind of competition that pits students against problems, instead of each other, to create real solutions for real challenges.

Our world is facing many challenges: clean water and air. Food supplies. Shelter. We’re using science, technology, engineering and math to look for answers. But just knowing the facts isn’t enough to solve the biggest problems. In order for our young people to emerge as the capable and visionary leaders we need, they’ll also have to learn how to work together, and think in new and creative ways.


Mind Riot is a new kind of competition – a three-day innovation collaborative – that brings high school students together with experts in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), business and creativity to work on some of the biggest and most important challenges human beings face today.


In order for young people to succeed in today’s job market and world, they’ll need both academic know-how and “21st Century Skills,” that include problem identification, system thinking, idea intersection, innovation planning, communication and collaboration.

Mind Riot gives students with a range of academic skills, talents and interests the opportunity to gain valuable experience as they identify problems, work together toward a real-world solution, and then pitch their idea in a clear and compelling way. Mind Riot’s unique approach gives students who may not be interested in traditional academic competitions a platform to share their talents, sharpen their skills, and enhance resumes and college applications.


Today’s young people are looking for careers that provide them with both financial independence, and opportunities to do something important – something that matters. Mind Riot gives them a place to test their skills and creativity – working side-by-side with their peers, and successful business leaders who know what it takes to make it in the real world.


The Leonardo will bring contestants to Salt Lake City for three days, where they’ll participate in brainstorm, mentoring, idea generation, and solution design sessions. They’ll work with other teens, as well as adult experts and mentors to identify a problem you want to solve, map out a plan, and then present their ideas to a panel of judges. The teams who create the most feasible, fundable ideas with potential for the biggest impact will win cash prizes.


The most successful teams will have members with a mix of talents. Students who get how to use science, technology, engineering and math in the real world. Crazy-creative types. Inventers and builders who know what it really takes to make stuff. People who are good organizers and leaders. And then there are the ones who aren’t afraid to get up and talk – the orators and performers.

If you know a high school student who fits any of these descriptions, click here<http://mindriot.theleonardo.org/> to learn how to get them involved, or download a printable flyer here.<http://dev.theleonardo.org/files/7813/6278/1198/Mind_Riot_Flyer.pdf>

Questions? Please feel free to contact Michael Petralia at mpetralia at theleonardo.org<mailto:mpetralia at theleonardo.org> or 801 531 9800 x 122.


[The Leonardo]

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