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Check out the opportunities below for science educators in Utah:

1. Kepler Mission Lecture with Clark Planetarium on August 15th from 7PM - 8PM
2. Opportunity for AP Biology teachers to get two free AP Bio workshops

 What: Kepler Mission Lecture with Clark Planetarium
When: August 15, 2013
Cost: Please see the attached flyer for information about ticket pricing


 What: Opportunity for AP Biology teachers to get two free AP Bio workshops

Could you please help me get this information out to interested principals/teachers?  In order to access the funding there is a very simple Letter of Commitment the teacher must sign.  Once we get the form, it takes about a week, and then they will get the access code and have three months to complete the trainings.  I have only 19 spots.

Dear advocate for AP Biology Professional Development,

Good News!  The Hewlett grant is studying AP Biology professional development and  will subsidize two full 6 hours ON-LINE AP Bio trainings.

Below are the descriptions of the two Online PD courses for AP Biology.  Each is approx. 6 hours.

AP Biology: Transitioning to Inquiry-Based Labs
Inquiry-based labs allow students to engage in science practices that require them to think and act like scientists. This course provides AP Biology teachers with a means to understand inquiry and its place in the classroom, including models of inquiry and inquiry levels. Participants will analyze how traditional labs differ from inquiry-based labs and understand how to modify these labs to make them inquiry-based. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to plan how they will transition their curricula to focus on inquiry. Participants will finish this course with the ability to confidently create inquiry-based labs that they can immediately use in their classrooms.

Course Outline

•                    Unit 1: Laying the Foundation

•                    Unit 2: What is Inquiry?

•                    Unit 3: Modifying Traditional Labs

•                    Unit 4: Enriching Inquiry Based Labs with Complexity

•                    Unit 5: Implementing Inquiry-Based Labs

Introduction to AP Biology
This course provides AP Biology teachers with insight into the changes within the redesigned AP Biology course and concrete strategies for designing and implementing an effective curriculum. Participants will explore the AP Biology curriculum framework, summative and formative assessments, inquiry-based teaching practices, practice exams, and tools available for syllabus development. Participants will finish the course with the ability to confidently create a syllabus for the 2012/2013 school year that incorporates the curriculum framework and inquiry-based teaching practices.

Course Outline
•             Unit 1: Introduction
•             Unit 2: Introducing the Curriculum Framework
•             Unit 3: Understanding the AP Biology Exam
•             Unit 4: Inquiry-Based Instruction
•             Unit 5: Syllabus Development and Course Conclusion

I have also attached flyer that highlights some of the features/benefits of the online PD courses.  Obtaining access to these two classes is simple, requiring the teacher to submit a informative Letter of Commitment.  Access will be for three months, with completion by mid November.  If interested please email npotter at collegeboard.org<mailto:npotter at collegeboard.org> or lcheng at colllegeboard.org<mailto:lcheng at colllegeboard.org> for the simple one page registration.

Nancy S. Potter
Senior Educational Manager, K-12 Services
The College Board, Western Region
6236 155th PL SE
Bellevue, WA  98006
425 643-7989
206 719 5820  (cell)
npotter at collegeboard.org<UrlBlockedError.aspx>

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