[Science] Opportunities for Research and Another for New Teachers

Young, Sarah Sarah.Young at schools.utah.gov
Fri Aug 10 09:48:54 MDT 2012

Something for the new teachers and something for the teachers looking for research opportunities.

Check out the opportunities below and feel free to pass them along to appropriate teachers within your school:
Want to come do real astronomy research with a mentor astronomer?

The application for NITARP for 2012 is now available! It's available at our website:
          http://nitarp.ipac.caltech.edu/ Applications are due Sep 21 for a 2013 NITARP experience. The application website is *now* open to accept application uploads.

Want to know more about NITARP? There is a 3-minute video on our website or on YouTube, featuring real students and educators talking about their NITARP experience:

More information:

NITARP, the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program, gets teachers involved in authentic astronomical research. We partner small groups of educators with a mentor professional astronomer for an original research project. The educators incorporate the experience into their classrooms and share their experience with other teachers. The program runs January through January. Applications are available now and due on September 21.
***Please note that there is a new page limit this year for

This program, to the best of our knowledge, is completely unique in the following important ways: (1) each team does original research using real astronomical data, not canned labs or reproductions of previously done research; (2) each team is encouraged to involved students throughout the process; (3) each team writes up the results of their research and presents it at an American Astronomical Society meeting (the AAS is the professional organization for astronomers in the US). Each team also presents the educational results of their experience in the program.

Most, but not all, of our educators are grade 8-13, but informal educators have participated as well.  The kinds of educators we are looking for are those who already know the basics of astronomy, and are interested in learning exactly how astronomy research is conducted.

Please pass this along to your colleagues and friends who might be interested in applying.

For more information, please see our website (http://nitarp.ipac.caltech.edu ), or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at this email or at our central email,nitarp at ipac.caltech.edu<mailto:nitarp at ipac.caltech.edu>.


Dr. Luisa Rebull            Research Scientist, Spitzer Science Center
Caltech M/S 220-6           voice 626-395-4565
1200 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91125
For New Science Teachers:
(A special note, I had the opportunity to take part in this program when I was a new teacher and attend the National Science Teachers Conference all expenses paid.  If you have any questions about my experience, I would be more than happy to answer them.)

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Cost-free PD for New Middle and High School Science Teachers

Dear ,

Do you have a limited budget for staff professional development? Do you want your new teachers to be part of a virtually cost-free program during those challenging first years? Consider having them apply to NSTA's New Science Teacher Academy<http://www.mmsend52.com/link.cfm?r=1037412443&sid=20001877&m=2183661&u=NSTA&j=10948997&s=http://www.nsta.org/academy>, which supports middle and high school science teachers entering their second or third year of teaching. Applications must be received by August 24, just a few weeks away.

Participants have access to resource-filled, professional development and mentoring to boost teacher confidence, to create excellence in teaching and learning, and to develop better content knowledge. Those selected are rewarded with approximately $6,500 in quality PD over the course of one year.

The Academy provides each teacher with instant benefits:

  *   A year-long, discipline-specific mentor
  *   Online learning experiences, including web seminars
  *   Membership with full benefits in the NSTA
  *   Attendance to the National Conference on Science Education including air travel, lodging, meals, and registration fees
  *   Networking with an active online community of peers
  *   and much more

A 2011 Fellow in the Academy said:

 "I write to thank you for your generous support of my professional growth this academic year. The exposure to learning resources, scientists, science educators and leaders in the field was an opportunity I could never have found on my own. I am so excited about the ideas I gathered to further engage my students and at last, I feel part of a professional community outside of my school."

It's an opportunity not to miss. Visit www.nsta.org/academy<http://www.mmsend52.com/link.cfm?r=1037412443&sid=20001878&m=2183661&u=NSTA&j=10948997&s=http://www.nsta.org/academy> to learn more. Have your newest teachers complete an application by August 24, 2012.

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Sarah Young
Utah State Office of Education
Science Specialist
sarah.young at schools.utah.gov<mailto:sarah.young at schools.utah.gov>
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PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, UT  84114-4200

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